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Vardhman Electronics Fish Grower Observation

R. V. S. Prasad, Fisheries Development Officer, Andhra Pradesh Government Fish Farm, Kadam, East Godavari District.

The functioning of Fish Grower, Vardhman Electronics Ultra sonic instrument has been observed experimental in all development stages of fish in the Fish Farm, Kadam, East Godavari District, A.P., by inserting the Fish Grower in Brood stock pond, Breeding pool and Nurseries and got the positive result as shown below.

Progressive development of Gogands has been observed has been observed in Indian Major Corp Brood Stock in which pond the Vardhman Electronics Fish Grower has been inserted for one month, when compared to the brood stock of the other pond without inserting Fish Grower.

The working of Vardhman Electronics Fish Grower has been also observed in Induced Breeding Experiment, The Cy. Mrigala breeder got breaded by Hypophysation on with Hormonal Injection at 10% less to normal dosage; by inserting the Vardhman Electronics Fish Grower in Breeding Pool progressive percentage of Fertilisation on has been also observed during this experiment. The result of induced breeding experiment conducted on 8-10-2006 by using Fish Grower as shown below.

Date Name of the Species Female Brooders Utilised Male Brooders Utilised Dosage per kg (in ml) No. of eggs released (in lakhs) % of Fertilisation No. of Spawn produced Remarks
No. Weight (kg) No. Weight (kg) Female Male
21.07.2006 Mrigala 16 18.100 17.00 14.850 0.5 0.25 20 75% 15.00 Experiment without inserting Fish Grower
08.10.2006 Mrigala 15 17.30 16 16.00 0.45 0.225 30.00 90% 23.00 By inserting Vardhman Electronics Fish Grower

The spawn got attained to Fry stage, five days in advance when compared the development of spawn to Fry in two nurseries i.e., one with inserting Fish Grower and another without inserting Fish Grower. The percentage of spawn to Fry realization was also more in the nursery in which Fish Grower was inserted.

This is to be further studied for strengtheting the technology. This is to certify that the Fish Grower supplied by Vardhman Electronics Company is working satisfactory as per my observations explained in my statement.

R. V. S. Prasad
Fisheries Development Officer,
Fish Farm, Kadam