Fish Grower

A Non Chemical, Pollution free, Bioacoustics Electronic Device. It maintains Aqua Hygiene and Balances Pond Echo System. Fish Grower is dedicated to production of fast growing, disease free shrimp, prawn, etc.

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Aqua Culture Equipment


The leading manufacturer of fish farming equipments helping to produce disease free and fast growing fish shrimps, prawns and other aqua marine fish.

Success Story


The following reports are received after installation of the Fish Grower instruments -

  • Fish Grower Observation - R. V. S. Prasad, Fisheries Development Officer, Andhra Pradesh Government Fish Farm, Kadam, East Godavari District ....... more >>
  • Fish Grower (Fish Breeding) - Experiment Conducted at National Fish Seed Farm Jyotisar (Kurukshetra Haryana) Dt:- 01.07.2006 (Spcs.= C.Catla) ........ more >>
  • ULTRASONIC Fish Grower (Fish Breeding) - Department of Fisheries, PIPODARA / KOSAMADA Dated 14.07.2006 ..... more >>
  • ULTRASONIC Fish Grower (Fish Breeding) - Fisheries Development Center, Surat District, Govt. of Gujarat, Ukal dated 01.09.06 ....... more >>
  • Report on Hatchery Model - Ultrasonic sound effect in fish breeding : A case study - Dr. S N Biswas, Deputy Director of Fisheries ( Fresh Water Aquaculture & Research ), Government of West Bengal Kulia, Kalyani, Nadia ....... more >>
  • Effect of emission of ultrasonic sound in fishpond plays a positive role on the growth of fish - Dr. S. N. Biswas, Deputy Director of Fisheries (Fresh Water Aquaculture & Research) & Sri D. Basu, Asstt. Research Officer (Freshwater Fisheries Research Station), Kulia (Kalyani) ....... more >>